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Taryag Mtzvoth ‘fortune cookie‘ (over) 613 mitzvot (alms) of EL, for UNIX, MacOS/X Solaris, Linux and Microsoft Windows,

Torah fortune cookie, UNIX fortune cookie

Welcomeand blessings on continuous revelation and or plainly continuing revelation from EL including divine guidance, direction, ordinances, order, precepts, principles, statutes and commandments to Adam. In Israel (i.e. Christian, believing Adam) traditions.

Continuous (ongoing) revelation exists EL, יהוה‎, the presence of EL.

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Taryag Mitzvoth >>’fortune cookie<<‘ EL spoke the divinely granted (over) 613 Mitzvoth (alms, cleansing, freeing, righting, protecting, loving, merciful, gracious, forgiving, pardoning alms/commandments) in The Holy Bible defeating, removing, consecrating, purging and protecting from evil while providing truth, wisdom, righteous, compassion, consideration, peace and circumspect, discernment.
(Includes the 10 mitzvoth (alms/commandments) of Shemoth/Exodus 20:1-17)

Obey the voice of EL comply and accomplish the mitzvoth/alm to read torah effortlessly even by easily learning torah viewing  ‘fortune cookies’ (studying, meditating on torah) while at work or at home etc. or on the move, Java version coming soon!

Screen shot (of a color terminal in Xwindows)


Compile ‘fortune’ yourself
The Fortune (program) source code >>Download now!<< with strfile utilty for generating cookie files. (already complied in the Solaris downloads below)

  1. The Taryag Mitzvoth (updated) Fortune binary (mod-9708) for Solaris 11 x86/Intel >>Download the tar<< with combined, pre-compiled fortune programs, “Taryag Mitzvoth” ‘cookie’ (data files), strfile to generate additional ‘cookies’ and ‘fx’ an optional, simple colorizing (startup “wrapper”) script utilized for fortune
  2. Taryag Mitzvoth (official BSD) Fortune binary (version 5.2) for Solaris 11 x86/Intel Download in >> Solaris intel package format << , >> tar file << of combined, pre-compiled fortune program, “Taryag Mitzvoth” fortune ‘cookie’ (data files). and ‘fx’ an ANSI colorizing (start) script
  3. Already have fortune installed?
    >> Download << The Taryag Mitzvoth Fortune ‘cookie’ (text/data) files for all .
  4. Want Taryag Mitzvoth ‘fortune cookies’ in color? (UNIX including MscOS/X and Linux console/terminal) >>
    Download << “fx” (an additional) helper (wrapper) script to displays text with pre-set blue background and white forground text (configurable) on color capable terminals using perl (ansi), the colors are  to honor (and please) EL.
    (‘fx.ksh’ is included in the Solaris tar and packages, and will work with other programs facilitating (out-putting text in) to ‘stdout’, ‘pipes’, ‘streams’)